Email users are tending to use their mobile phones more and more for email use these days.

Because IMAP accounts commonly used on mobile phones do not remove email from the server, email is not regularly deleted. This can lead to large volumes of email being stored on the server that subseqently take up lots of space and incur additional costs.

You can manage disk space and reduce overage costs dramatically by keeping your on-server email volumes within your package limits.

The easiest way to do this is to log in to your email using a desktop of laptop computer using an email program that picks up your email using the POP protocol. This is the default for most email programs on desktops and laptops.

When your users soley use their mobile phones, there is now another way to quickly remove large volumes of email that is no longer required and which may be costing you money to store unnecessarily The Email Disk Usage tool in your cPanel console.

  1. Log into your client area.
  2. Select the hosted service you wish to manage and enter the cPanel console for that service.
  3. Locate the Email section of cPanel
  4. Click on Email Disk Usage.
  5. Here you can recover disk space by deleting old messages from any mailbox.
  6. The page gives you the option to select an email account. You can then see and manage the mail volumes associated with that address.
    You have the option of deleting mail from the mailbox - over 1 year old, over 30MB in size, previously viewed, or all messages or define a custom selection query.
Small business hosting account are not designed to manage large volumes of historic email and this tool gives you a quick and easy way to clean up your email accounts and reduce your monthly operational costs.

clickonIT Support Team

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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