What are web servers and are they necessary

Web Servers are powerful computers that have huge hard drives, or arrays of hard drives, set up by hosting experts in purpose-built datacenters.

A web server's only purpose is to store websites until someone wants to visit them, and then to quickly respond to the visitor's browser with the site's contents.

A server must be able to respond to hundreds of simultaneous requests for data. The loads imposed on a server depend on many factors, including server configuration and popularity of teh sites hosted. But even the most expensive server hardware is useless without the software to actually get things done. The key system software services running on servers respond to interaction with other services on the Internet (e.g. mail servers exchanging email) and to requests by clients (email programs and browsers) for information.

Most servers used for web hosting have various software services running at all times:

  • An HTTP or web service to deliver websites and online applications
    An FTP server for file transfers
    An email server to manage mail
    A database server for storing information essential to the operation of a website
  • A DNS for domain name resolution

Why can't you just run your website from your computer at home or office? Well there are several very good reasons why...

  • Most ISP's specifically disallow people from running any type of web-related server on their networks. Doing so can get your Internet account terminated.
  • Your upload and download speed would be very slow compared to what is offered by hosting companies.
  • Factor in the cost of electricity, hardware and software maintenance and 24/7 operation.
  • Running a web host from home or office does not make good sense financially or in terms of the skills and expertise required to deliver a secure, reliable service.

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