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I've forgotten/lost my cPanel username or password. Can you provide it for me?

Your cPanel username and password are essential keys to the security of your website. They must be managed with the strong security.

The problem is that strong security is often inconvenient and that is the case here. We can't be sure that anyone requesting your login information is actually you, so tech support will not send out usernames and passwords on request.

You can however access your cPanel username from within your client area.

Login to your client area. To do this you need to go to and clickon the "Client Area" button along the top of the screen. You will need your email address and client area password. If you have lost or forgotten your client area password you will need to reset it. Use teh "Request a Password Reset" link and follow the instructions emailed to you. If you've forgotten or lost your email address then sorry, we can't help you.

Your client area has more security options. In the client area visit My Account > Security Settings to  set your security question/answer and toggle single signon.

Once logged in, click on the Services box which will list your services. Click on the cPanel hosting service you need access to. If you have single signon enabled the detail page displayed next will give you direct access "Quick Shortcuts" to the most commonly used cPanel controls, so you may not even need to log in to cPanel directly at this point. You can manage email addresses, backups, files and so on right within your client area.

If you still need user cPanel username to access cPanel directly use any of the Quick Shortcuts to open cPanel. Once in cPanel click on the side menu option for Home and select User Manager. This will show you the cPanel admin username.

Your cPanel password can be reset within cPanel, but it requires you to know the current password. To get that we need to use a different path, but while in cPanel ensure that your contact email is correctly set. Go to Preferences > Contact Information and confirm that your email address is one of the contact addresses listed in cPanel.

Now go to your cPanel login screen and click on the "Reset Password" link. Follow the instructions that are emailed to you to reset the admin password.

Now secure the cPanel admin username and password so that they cannot be accessed by unauthorised people and where you can easily access them yourself when required.

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