Bandwidth Abuse

Service abuse can take the form of overuse of your website. Very high use can result in your bandwidth limit being exceeded, which will automatically suspend your web hosting. No more website, with obvous ramifications for your business.

High use can take the form of very high rates of page request or commenting on your website. Usually this kind of abuse is automated and can have a devastating effect in a very short space of time.

If you've been suspended, then log in to your cPanel (hosting control panel) and go to Metrics > AWstats. This will give you a great view of your traffic statistics. You should be be able to see high traffic events, the nature of the high traffic and where it is coming from.

Try to identify offending IP numbers. usually it will be one or two, or perhaps a closely related range of numbers that are creating trouble. Copy them out, return to and go to Security > IP Blocker. This tool allows you to block IPs and IP ranges from accessing your site. Enter the offending IP numbers and save.

Abusers can easily change IPs however, so this is a short term solution. However it might be enough to make them go away for a while. The automated nature of this abuse generally just moves on to another website where security is not so tight.

Try as you might to secure your website, there is little you would want to do to create obstacles to legitimate visitors. Other solutions that will minimise your risk and still allow easy access for legitimate visitors include security tools that allow you to throttle page requests, require validation of comment submissions and even turning comments off site-wide. There are free plugins available for Wordpress sites that will attend to these issues.



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