Micro-business and even small and medium-sized businesses simply do not have the luxury of having highly skilled specialists standing by to pickup occassional but necessary business tasks. They are also painfully aware that sometimes a few more shoulders at the wheel are vital to launch projects and give them some forward momentum.

Finding the right people for your business and marketing activities can be a real PITA. You need people who get it, with technical ability, a flair for marketing creativity and initiative to put the best ideas together for you quickly and efficiently. People with the right blend of skills and personality are hard to find especially when you only need them for short term project tasks.

Solution - Outsource a Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants and how we can help you put the digital services we provide to work for your business quickly. The kinds of tasks our virtual assistants can perform for you include;

  • Add and edit your website content additions and edits to your Wordpress website.
  • Edit your website structure (pages, menus, facilities, plugins and more)
  • Manage the technical aspects of your website (licenses, connections, documentation, etc.
  • Setup third party services for you such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google. Connect them to your website and customize them to match your brand and business image.
  • Plan, operate and manage marketing activities for you such as email marketing, social media campaigns, online advertising.

Our virtual assistants are well-educated professionals with knowledge and experience in business and marketing practice and technology. They are highly capable and enthusiastic about doing the best job for your business. Assistants are dedicated to your task so they can focus on your work from start to finish. They are also backed up by their colleagues so that time sensitive tasks are always completed to schedule. Assistants are supervised by senior team leaders and always have access skilled advisors and help when required so tasks are never relegated to the "too hard basket".

With virtual assistants your only cost is directly related to your chosen project so you don't carry overhead for specialist technical and marketing staff when they are not specifically needed.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the ideal solution to short-term specialist needs.

Casual Assistant

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Add and edit online content in your Wordpress website including text, images, videos.

  • 1 hr blocks
  • Advance purchase
  • 90 day shelf life

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Webmaster Assistant

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Web/Software technical specialist in WordPress, cPanel, plugins, applications install, config, management.

  • 1 hour blocks
  • Advance purchase
  • 60 day shelf life

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Recurring Assistant

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Office, website, marketing, content, research, social media, data processing, lists, curation.

  • 20 hour block
  • Overage & rush premium*
  • 30 day shelf life

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Virtual Assistant Services Comprise

Research & Data Gathering

We can do your market research, competitive analysis and reports for you.

Website Management

Housekeeping, content, theme/plugin installation and technical management tasks & configuration.

Social Media Skills

Social media account setup, campaign planning & execution, response & reputation management.

Office Software Skills

Creative and productive capability with Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, DTP and various other typical office software applications for your projects.

Content Skills

Skilled writers and editors to do your blogging, editing, curating and repurposing content for online/offline publication.

PR Skills

Planning, researching, interviewing, writing, illustration and siribution for news announcements, publicity and editorial.


Why Choose Us

Top 4 reasons why you should choose clickonIT virtual assistants

Quality support
Equally competent in technical and business & marketing matters.
We're passionate
Responsible people who think carefully about what they're doing.
Act on feedback
Willing to do good work at sensible rates.
Proven record
Ready to start prioritising your work into their day.

Frequently asked questions

Here's a selection of answers to our most popular questions.

How does it work?

To work on a casual basis simply sign up describing your task and making a payment. Your VA will contact you soon after and invite you to join our online project manager where you can set your tasks and priorities and share resources. You can see how your project is progressing in real time. Work will continue on your project while you mantain credit in your account. Retaine packages work the same wy except that you get better rates for sustained volume of work.

Do unused hours roll over?

No. Hours must be used in the time frame allocated. You can always start low and buy more time as required. Tell us about your longer term plans and we can help you fill your time allocation up doing advance work on upcoming projects.

Can I share my time with a co-worker or spouse?

Yes you can add people to your account however it is up to you to manage the priorities. We won't take responsibility for doing work for A when your priority is work for B.

Can I get work done overnight or over the weekend?

It is often possible although not always guaranteed. If you have an urgent deadline and specify a completion date inside the normal period a premium will apply. We'll tell you before you incur any costs.

What is the normal turnaround time?

Allow two business days for your task to be started. Completion time depends on the task.

Do you sub-contract?

Where we do not have available resources to meet a committment we will sub-contract our skilled collegues in to d your work. We will cover all costs and maintain full control and responsibility over your project. We do not to allow proprietary information beyond our boundaries and strictly maintain NDA and confidentiality arrangements to prevent any possibility of compromise via sub-contractors.

What is the overage and rush premium?

Overage is where you need us to work more than 20 hours. When this is limit appears likely to be exceeded we'll advise you and add any helpful recommendations. We won't proceed with out your approval. The overage rate is our current Casual Assistant rate. The rush premium of +100% applies when you want work done within 24 hours (business days) or outside business hours (8-6 Mon-Fri - excluding holidays). We can't always guarantee that even with the premium that rush work can be fulfilled in which case no premium charge will apply.

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