Aug 8th Google Safe Browser Checks in WP-Guardian

All WP-Guardian subscriptions are now being checked daily for Google Safe browser status.Google monitors dangerous website threats providing warnings to users and details to help website owners if their sites appear to be compromised.Monitoring your Safe Browser status is a good way to alert you to problems with your website and to help you ... Read More »

Jul 14th Google Detects 'Social Engineering Content'

Some clients have recently received a notice from Google advising that the Google Safe Browsing system had detected pages on your website that might have been hacked or contain malicious third party resources. Further Google advised that the website had been demoted in the search index and that a warning notice was being displayed on some browsers ... Read More »

May 10th Urgent/High Priority Technical Support

Most clickonIT tech support queries are readily answered through the knowledgebase or via asupport staff within the nominal 24 hr response timeframe.However for the times when customer needs dictate a faster than average response we now provide an Urgent.High Priority fast-tracked support ticket option.Witha fast-tracked ticket you are guaranteed ... Read More »

Apr 23rd cPanel Links to Account Portal

clickonIT clients logged in to the cPanel (hosting Control Panel) can now access their clickonIT account portal directly from the cPanel home page.Your cPanel home page now includes a Billing and Support area. Links in this area open up sections within your acount portal.One click login enables you to have complete control over all aspects of your ... Read More »

Apr 19th Resend Welcome Email

When you order a service on you receive a Welcome Email giving you all the technical and set up information associated with your account. It is important when you first get your service started but after that is rarely viewed again.However, sometimes it happens that much later on you need some of the information in the Welcome ... Read More »

Feb 18th Server Upgrade - SSDs

All clickonIT hosting servers will soon be using solid state disks (SSD)s. These drives are solid state electronic storage devices that will replace the older electro mechanical hard drives of yesteryear.SSDs are inherently more reliable, faster in operation and faster to replace, although the need for replacement is greatly diminished due to no ... Read More »

Jan 24th Access to cPanel from Account Portal

Web hosting accounts can now directly access the most commonly used cPanel functions from the account portal. Managing all your cPanel hosting accounts with a single login is quick and very convenient.Access the function by clicking on My Services, and selecting a cPanel account. The detail page includes a panel like the one shown below. As you ... Read More »

Jul 14th New Client Portal

ClickonIT has a new client portal and can now be found at new portal is mobile-friendly so you can easily access your account from any mobile device.The new portal has a new interface that greatly improves the utility and navigation of this important interface.When you log in you will immediately see your ... Read More »

Nov 1st Secure Token Payment

Secure Token payment is a new payment method that provides customers with a great new way to secure their recurrent credit and debit card transactions. All credit card transactions through our merchant interface require the CVV security code number to be submitted with the credit card details. For recurrent payments, such as monthly or annual ... Read More »

Jun 28th Auto Website Backup

Is your website fully backed up and ready to reinstate? Automated website backups are the best way to ensure that your webhosting account is fully backed up and securely stored offsite in the event that your site becomes compromised or your host becomes unavailable. Your backup archives can be used to restore files and folders, emails and ... Read More »

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